Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Top Ten iPad Apps For Speech and Language

Well I just learned my lesson in blogging 101.  Don't write your post into the blogger website or the  "back" button may delete your post. Anyways, this post will be brief because I don't have the energy to rewrite at this hour in the day, but hope you enjoy nonetheless! 

My Top Ten iPad apps for Speech and Language:

1. My Playhome

2. Conversation Builder

3. Bag Game

4. Toca Kitchen Monsters

5. oChristmas Tree: Save this app for next year!  Also go to Chapel Hill              Snippets for this awesome download.

6. Furry Friend

7. Sound Touch

8. Articulation Station

9. Draw a Stickman

10. CookieDoodle

Please feel free to leave me a comment with some of your favorite apps for therapy!

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