Monday, April 9, 2012

Thank You Ark Therapeutics!

So I'm pretty excited about some great therapy tools I just received in the mail! One of my favorite blogs Speech Room News had a contest to win a DnZ Vibe tool and I was one of the winners (first time winner of pretty much anything I might add :) Anyways I got my loot in the mail yesterday and Ark Therapeutics was nice enough to include a ton of attachments! These are just a few...

Being a first year graduate student I haven't had too many opportunities to work with clients who could benefit from this kind of a tool, so I am writing this post to hear from YOU! I imagine it can be used for oral mech clients, articulation therapy and childhood apraxia...but what else are you all using these tools for?? Do you have clients who use this tool or a tool similar to the DnZ Vibe? If so how do you incorporate it into therapy and have you found it to be successful? Thanks again Jenna from Speech Room News (You Rock!) and Ark Therapeutics for these great tools. It is definitely going to help me in the future!

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  1. You're very welcome, Emily! We have a few posts on our blog that you may find useful in learning about the DnZ-Vibe. And you can always contact us via email, Facebook, or the blog with any questions or specific cases. Best of luck!

    - ARK