Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Describing Eggs: Just in Time for Easter

Okay so I know that Easter is this weekend but I'm pretty sure kids like opening Easter eggs year round! So this is one of the activities I have been using in therapy this past week.
I gathered items around my house that were small and that my client would be able to guess or would know how to describe. I hammed it up when I brought it out and we both "knocked" on the egg carton to wake up the eggs. Then we both took turns peeking into the egg. The person peeking would describe the item using it's color, shape, how it feels, what you use it for and what its made of. The other person would try and guess what was in the egg. My client loved this and is always asking to play with the eggs.
For homework I sent home three empty Easter eggs that my client filled with small items from his home. When he returned we played the same describing activity. We had to do it in the first five minutes of the session because he was bursting at the seams to tell me what was in his eggs!

Here is the document I sent home for the homework assignment "What's in the Egg?". Still new at posting documents on the blog, so the font isn't as fun as it was when I originally made it but you can have fun customizing it for you!

What kind of Spring activities have you all been using in therapy??

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  1. Love this Em! You are always so creative!!!